Kisan credit card, How to avail this card? Eligibility?

kisan credit card
kisan credit card

Welcome guys everyone again to an amazing post on our blog. Here we came again with a government-related post that is Kisan credit card. You all know what is a credit card. But you don’t know what is Kisan credit card. So, here in this post of today, we will discuss what is Kisan credit card is, how to apply for a Kisan credit card and many more things related to a Kisan credit card so be in the post. We request as usual in our every post to go step by step or wisely in the post to be clear with all the points. See we say this because the reason many users do that, they just came here and started jumping from here to there in the post, and later, they will comment us that we have not understood. So we request you to go step by step in the post.

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What is Kisan credit card?

A credit card you all know that what it is if, you don’t know then we had already written a separate post on Credit Cards you can check out that also. The Kisan credit card scheme has been launched in the year of 1998 by the government in the role of providing some short-term funds to the farmers for their formal needs. It is been created by the National bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. In this Kisan credit card scheme the farmers who is not having enough fund for their agriculture they can take a short term loan from the bank through the Kisan credit card. The bank will provide the fund to the farmers with a credit limit to purchase the needs.

Now you all will think what is the advantages when we will take a loan from a Kisan credit card. The first Kisan credit card scheme relieved the farmers from taking high rate loans offered by several banks. The annual interest rate for Kisan credit cards is low as 2%. If the farmers will take loans from Kisan credit cards then they will not be forced to pay the interest on time. They will have an option to pay the loan amount as per the harvesting period of their agriculture.

The benefits to getting the farmers when having a Kisan credit card———-

By taking a loan through Kisan credit card the farmers will have their own option to do the work whatever they want with that money but they have to pay on time. The next is the largest insurance cover of RS 50,000 in the case of death. The third is the farmers who are eligible can open a savings account with an interest rate with a smart card or a debit card. The fourth is the credit period will be available up to 3 years.

Who can apply for Kisan credit card——

The first of Kisan credit card schemes is for every farmer. Any farmer can apply for a Kisan credit card if he owns a cultivator or land. Small farmers or big farmers can also be applicable to the Kisan credit card scheme. The farmers who are related to animal husbandry or any fisheries activities can also be applicable for the Kisan credit card. We will hope that you all are getting our points clearly and understanding clearly also.

First we had already mentioned that if you don’t know what is credit card then you can go through our previous post. And the important thing we will request you if you are willing to take a Kisan credit card then please understand all the details first don’t be in a hurried way.

The document requires for Kisan credit card and application process—–

The first document will require a valid document related to that person only. The person who is taking the Kisan credit card. An Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID, driving license, and any other document. The address proof of the document which you are mentioning in the form. The land document is a passport size photo of yours.

The application process is online for Kisan credit cards. First of all, visit the online site of the bank then choose the Kisan credit card from the list. You will have to fill-up the form online according to the instructions. If you are eligible the bank will contact you after 2 to 3 days.

In last, we will hope that we have been successful in clearing your points. We want some feedback from your side please don’t forget it. And please don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter box.


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