Lic housing finance full details, How to apply and eligibility in 2021?

LIC housing finance
LIC housing finance

Welcome guys here once again to one of our more amazing blog posts. It is more amazing because we try our hard as possible to make it amazing for our users. This post is overall based on housing finance ahead we will discuss which company it is. This post is going to be different from any other blog post so go carefully ahead. The topic of the post is LIC Housing Finance. We will add all the related details to the topic which we have got after researching on the topic so let’s move ahead without wasting the time.

Before moving ahead in the post if you are an old user of our blog then you already know what we are going to request you. We request as usual to our every user to go step by step or wisely in the post this is because many of the users just came for passing their time here. And later, they will comment on us or Email us that we have not understood. So listen, we write these safety points because of your priority we don’t want that any of the users of our blog doesn’t get the points that we had mentioned here in the post. So, it depends on you what you take the action from here.

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What is LIC Housing Finance?

If we talk in a short way then it provides the home loan to all person who is been salaried or self-employed or any simple persons also. It will provide you an interest rate of up to 6.66 % per annum. If we get to see then LIC is one of the biggest companies currently days and it will provide you the best home loans as per your need. If we discuss the starting loan amount then it will be more than Rs 1 lakhs. We had mentioned the important points for LIC Housing Finance. We guys will hope that you have been understood. Now we are heading to the next topic.

The benefits to getting while availing the LIC Housing Finance

They will provide you the maximum tenure to pay the loan amount minimum or a maximum of 30 years. And the next one is multiple repayment options to get satisfied by the customers. The best feature to look at is they are offering you the rate of interest is 6.66 % per annum comparing to other Housing Finance. And few of the benefits you will get to see while you are applying for the LIC Housing Finance.

The eligibility criteria for LIC Housing Finance?

The person who is applying for the loan should be a citizen of India. He should be a salaried person or a self-employed person. They will also ask for the annual income or monthly income of that person. His condition is must be in good status. We had mentioned the important points they will ask you these of points while availing for the LIC Housing Finance.

The document and applying procedure for LIC Housing Finance

The first one is the Duly form of LIC Housing Finance. The Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID, passport. The living place proof of Residence housing certificate, ration card, electricity bill, or any provable papers. The important one is the bank passbook and at least 2 years back bank statement.

Now, we came to the applying procedure for LIC Housing Finance. For applying for LIC Housing Finance the process is just simply to go to the official site of LIC to search for housing finance. After searching and clicking on Housing Finance just click on it a popup will occur along with the form just fill up the required documents which we had mentioned above after finishing all the details click on final submission after the submission your application will be in review. We will hope you have got points clearly.

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