What is credit card? How to avail credit card, Eligibility in 2021?


Hey, This is Akash Sogali welcome here once again to our blog with an amazing post. Here we came again with one of the best topics that are Kotak credit cards. Credit card, many of you already know what is credit card is and for what it is, how to use and many of you don’t know about it. Many of the users know about it and minimum users don’t know about it so we decided to write on this. Here in this post, we will talk about what is a credit card, the advantages of credit card and many more things to be in the post. And as we request in our every post or blog that please go step-by-step or wisely in the post by this, you will be able to get the points clearly. Now let’s start the post.

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What is a credit card?

A credit card is made up of thin plastic or metal issued or launched by a bank or any company. The role of a credit card is to pay to a Merchant in advance by borrowing money from the banks to pay for your goods and services. This amount you borrows from the bank you have to pay later as with interest rates.

There are three types of credit cards are there Visa Card, MasterCard, or rewards credit cards. Basically, all these three credit cards offer you different types of advantages to using their credit cards such as Hotel discounts, cashback on purchases or spending through credit cards, airline offers, and many more. Here we discussed a little bit about credit cards now, ahead we are going to talk about their basics and advantages. So, be in the post

Kotak credit cards

Kotak Mahindra Bank is the largest bank one of them from the bank system. It offers you banking, investment, Stock Broking, mutual fund and life insurance and many more are there. As you know that every bank offers credit cards for their users as Kotak also offers golden credit cards for their users. We had already discussed credit cards so you can see ahead we are not going to mention more here.

See, if you are having a Kotak credit card then you will have the advantages of EMI without any charges, 2.5% wager in fuel surcharge, 0% balance transfer, lifetime free no need to pay any charge, low charges, interest-free cash withdrawal.

See, again here Kotak Mahindra Bank credit cards are of different types and their eligibility is also different. So, if we are going to mention all their credit cards and eligibility then surely we are going to waste our time. In short by viewing all the eligibility we are going to mention the important eligibilities. They are cardholder age between 20 to 65 years of age is important. The person should be 18 years old. The facility and offers are provided in different states. The final annual income should be more than Rs 3 lakh and above. The card is been for Businessman only and the least important one is must be a citizen of India.

Advantages of credit cards?

In this section, you are going to see advantages that you get when you have a credit card from any bank or for Kotak Mahindra credit card also. The benefits are again we are going to mention here are rewards in the form of cashback, security and protection against credit card fraud, credit score information, free for out of India transactions, discount on Rental Care for hotel rooms, and have an opportunity to build credit.

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